Going skydiving

Up and up we go to jump

Land in the grass

holiday poem

Holidays at last I can’t wait !

Ow yes I did my first backflip at bounce with Finn

Laughing at my brother cooking

I had to get up at 7:00 to go to footy

Day after day I get good sleep in’s

At last you’re here

Yay I’m going to my sisters

The magic flute

We walked in and we sat down. Their clothes were cool as there was Papagano prince, tamino the dark queen and princess. Their voices were impeccable and entertaining . I liked the bit when papagano came in and said I saved you. This was at the start when prince was getting chased by the big black bird.

My conference

   I did my confrence yesterday and mrs walker said I did really well she said I prenounsed it really well and I was persistent when I was worried mum said I could  do better but I did persist mrs walker also said I might need to talk better my conference was at 1.15

Camp Wilkon was epic

One step two step this is tiring there were 136 steps we got up to the top of the light house it was a great view here. Wooo hooo we’re going to camp Wilkon!!. At camp the first activity was archery I didn’t get any points, the next activity was low ropes the first course was so hard I fell off 3 times, so that’s too hard now the third activity was flying fox i got in a harness it was tight as leggings.

Off to our cabin to bed…Be quiet Finn I trying to go to sleep we eventually got to sleep at 12.00 I was very tired when I got up, we went straight to breakfast I had toast and corn flakes. After that we had free time we played soccer, we won of course. We got on the bus to go to Queenscliff to go to the discovery centre I got to touch a globe fish it was slimy as moss, we went to a park after that we had lunch there,after we got on the bus and went to school.

First time doing gardening

On Friday we did kitchen garden and we did gardening it was fun as with Finn and Waylon and my mum brenda.we pruned the raspberry and we also watered the strawberries.


Some people worked in the kitchen garden and some worked out the front and some people pulled plants out.


Hello world!

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