Best coach approach ever

Today we had 6 activities, the best was hip hop or AFL. in hip hop we danced to Humble by Kendrick Lamar, we did really good dance moves .in AFL we tried to kick a footy into a bin I hit the bin twice. Jimmy and Fletch got the ball to the head which is called falconed.

In baseball we had a race of last partners standing, Xavier and Finn won one round and Fletcher and I won as well. In ultimate frisbee we learnt grip it rip, it and catch. It helped a lot, then we went to the gym and they gave awards out but I did not get one.☹️



Road kill

I believe the we should change the speed limits because poor animals, like kangaroos are critically injured .what if you were a kangaroo left on the road dead with a cross on you .we will put pictures of dead animals on the local clip board and maybe they will slow down.

We are going to ask the council if we can change the speed limits cause people go 100 when I think it should be 40 Kph you would feel guilty and you wouldn’t be able to sleep BECAUSE YOU JUST HIT AN ANIMAL!!!

by Matthew



Going skydiving

Up and up we go to jump

Land in the grass

holiday poem

Holidays at last I can’t wait !

Ow yes I did my first backflip at bounce with Finn

Laughing at my brother cooking

I had to get up at 7:00 to go to footy

Day after day I get good sleep in’s

At last you’re here

Yay I’m going to my sisters

The magic flute

We walked in and we sat down. Their clothes were cool as there was Papagano prince, tamino the dark queen and princess. Their voices were impeccable and entertaining . I liked the bit when papagano came in and said I saved you. This was at the start when prince was getting chased by the big black bird.

My conference

   I did my confrence yesterday and mrs walker said I did really well she said I prenounsed it really well and I was persistent when I was worried mum said I could  do better but I did persist mrs walker also said I might need to talk better my conference was at 1.15